Dr Jessica Rios-Habib

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Dr. Jessica Rios-Habib is an American child and family psychologist practicing in Dubai’s Health Care City (DHCC) since 2010.  However, her extensive U.S. and Canadian training and experience in the field of child and family mental health is based on over 15 years of work with multidisciplinary teams across academic, research, schools, and inpatient/outpatient clinic settings, servicing a wide range of youth and families of various backgrounds and medical/mental health diagnoses.

I chose this profession because it best channels my skills and passion in life: serving and working towards the well-being of children and families. I am grateful to my patients and clients who have allowed me into their personal lives and jointly experience the rewarding challenges of good work.

My motivation and commitment to uphold the highest quality and ethical practices in the field is always a top priority, particularly in this region where the groundwork in this field is relatively new. 

I appreciate the value research-based psychology can contribute to Dubai’s community and know that our children and families here also deserve the best.

As a wife and parent of two young boys, now living within a truly multicultural environment and having this amazing exposure to global worldviews, I understand more than ever the importance (and challenges) of striving for a better, happier, and more balanced life – I would want no less for any of the children and families I serve.

I feel very lucky to be doing what I know I do best. I only wish there was more time!” – Dr. Jessica Rios Habib


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